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Short Therm Accommodation


Short term accommodation, also known as respite allowing participants and careers a short break. Short term accommodation provides supports to develop new skills within new and familiar environments, relationship building, opportunity and future planning providing assistance when its time move out of home into your new selected environment. 

(Short Term Accommodation)

STA (Short-Term Accommodation) at Envision is designed to offer participants and their caregivers a much-needed break and respite. We understand that caregivers often require time to recharge and tend to their own well-being, and that's where our short-term accommodation comes in.

During their stay with us, participants have the opportunity to develop new skills within both new and familiar environments. Our team creates a supportive atmosphere that encourages growth and learning. Whether it's learning new daily living skills, engaging in recreational activities, or exploring creative pursuits, our short-term accommodation provides a nurturing space for personal development.

Relationship building is a key aspect of our STA program. We facilitate interactions between participants, allowing them to make new friends and connect with others who share similar interests. These positive social experiences can enhance confidence and communication skills, contributing to an enriched social life.

Moreover, STA serves as an excellent platform for opportunity and future planning. Our team collaborates with participants to identify their aspirations and goals. By understanding their desires and strengths, we can provide personalized assistance in preparing for future transitions, such as moving out of home into a new selected environment.

At Envision, we are committed to ensuring that short-term accommodation is more than just a place to stay. It is a place of growth, support, and empowerment. Our caring staff and engaging activities create an environment where participants can thrive, develop independence, and build a foundation for a fulfilling life ahead.

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